Development of web and mobile apps.
Team augmentation. Agile software engineering.
High quality results that adapt to your needs.

Building Software

We can use our experience to build mobile application, content management systems, e-commerce, realtime web applications, and everything in between.

MVP Development

Build your minimum viable product and go to market quickly with a solid foundation, prioritizing your must-have features on time and budget.

Team Augmentation

We can seamlessly integrate with your engineering team and bring in development expertise while producing the highest quality code.


Our team can coach your team to become better engineers, better remote workers, or get up-to-speed with modern development practices.

About us

Same-origin is a remote friendly software consultancy with headquarters in Singapore. We try to be on top of what's happening in tech by continuously educating ourselves, and experimenting with the latest trends.
We specialize in MVP discovery, rapid prototyping, and full-stack concept-to-deployment development of web and mobile applications.
We are able to adapt to your needs and offer you a package that delivers flexibility, high quality results and also fits the budget you're willing to spend.

Got a project? Let's talk

We are always looking for great new opportunities for building apps, websites or products.
If you already have an idea of what you want to do we can build on it. If not we can discuss your idea and produce a complete proposal for you. Don't worry we can hammer it out together!
You can get in touch with us at